Please note that registration for technical reasons is done through the Swedish version – the menue is called “Anmälan”. Please select the actual club or “Tjejer” for girls only on Saturdays. Direct link to Register

BandyKul is divided into three geograpfical areas and similarily three cluster of schools where different clubs manage the activities for the children in a number of schools in the specific area. We recommend that children are registered in the same area as they go to school in. When registering the actual school is selected.

The Bandy Bus fetches the children at school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays according to the schedule. The Bandy Bus do not return the children to school after practice and they need to be picked up by parents or relative at skating ground.

Price for the season is 1000 kr. Price for the season for children renting from Uppsalahem is only 300 kr. Same price independent of nr of children and when starting. Price includes bus transfer  Tue/Wed and for UNIK and Danmark/BoIS also Saturday training.

You are welcome to try once or twice and to register at any time during the season