The equipment is important for several reasons. It protects the children at collisions and falls. But it shall also makes it easy and fun for the children to skate. Also very important is to protect from the the cold and the wind when the real winter arrives.

Skates, stick and helmet with grid is what is needed in BandyKul. We also recommend throat protector and this is compulsory for match play.

As for the other equipment can be in descending invest in shin guards, elbow pads and gloves but it is absolutely not necessary. Gloves of any type must all have – the ice is cold and a glove also protects for sticks and skates.

Please Note: All children must have their name on the front of the helmet. Take a piece of freezer tape / masking tape and write the first name with a permanent marker.

When it comes to skating, we recommend skates with laces. The reason is that they sit better on the foot and the children get a proper skate position. It is also better to buy “new used” every year than new biennial. Then, the size is better adapted. Sharpening is crucial and we offer sharpening on site for 50 kr.

If children skate at school sharpening in needed every week bevause of dirt on the ice. If walking on asphalt, gravel or similar – sharpening is needed immediatley.