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Select club depending on school

Different clubs are responsible for different schools and areas of Uppsala. Children often want to be with their friends from school or from the neighborhood. When they grow older it is also convenient to help each other with transportation to training and match.

Girls have their own slot on Saturdays for UNIK Bandy and Danmark/BoIS Bandy. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays it is mixed.

Sirius – Wednesday Relitahallen)

Centrala Staden, Luthagen, Stenhagen, Svartbäcken, Tunabackar, Nyby

UNIK – Wednesday  + Saturday morning  Stud. field 1 (northern)

Ulleråker, Sunnersta, Vårdsätra, Gottsunda, Södra Gottsunda, Valsätra, Norby, Eriksberg, Flogsta, Starbo samt Knivsta (OBS Egen anmälningsflik)

Danmark/Uppsala BOIS Tuesday + Saturday morning  Stud. field 2 – (southern)

Danmarks by, Kuggebro, Sävja, Nåntuna, Bergsbrunna, Vilan, Lugnet, Fålhagen, Almtuna, Lagga, Gåvsta, Funbo och Almunge

If you do not live in any of the suggested areas of the city – please select according to school or freely.